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Corrine + Michael

Rewind back to Army life and when my husband got sent off to this glamorous place called Ranger School. Exciting right?!.... Off he went and goodbye to any communication with him for the next foreseeable future besides writing letters (romantic in a really frustrating and annoying way). 
He was gone, I was alone, and living in a new town with no one. They created a Facebook page for all of the wives to get information about their Soldier. One day, David sent a letter to me and as I opened it and swept off the dirt that was covering the letter (no joke), I see that he wrote he made a friend. He wrote how he met this guy while waiting for the phones to make his 1 call, and told me that he and his wife were being stationed at the same place we were. He wrote down his name and I was over the moon. I quickly got on the Facebook page and wrote, "To whoever belongs to Michael Towery, our husbands have become buddies and I just wanted to reach out and let you know that your husband now has a new friend". Quickly there after, Corrine wrote me back and claimed that mysterious friend as her husband. The rest is history and God intentionally placed our lives together and formed this lifelong friendship that I will cherish forever. 
Corrine and Michael are now expecting their first baby, Sweet Norah James, and we are beyond thrilled for them. This is such a blessing and they are going to be the best parents. Their silliness, love for each other, and unifying faith is going to mold that baby girl into an exceptional woman. Seeing Corrine with that belly brought tears to my eyes, because I feel like it was just yesterday we were sitting around drinking wine and talking about the days when we would all become parents.
As I cover Corrine and Mike in prayer, I hope they realize the amount of love coming their way. I will forever be thankful for this beautiful friendship we have, and cannot wait to tell Norah all of our memories. 


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